Monday, September 6, 2010

Learning to Lace

Learning to lace is fun and helps children develop fine motor skills.
Items needed:
1.Oak tag or cardboard from a cereal box
3.Hole puncher

Cut a large block letter from the oak tag or cereal box. The letter could be the first letter in your child's name. Next, use the hole puncher to make holes around the perimeter. Cut a length of yarn and roll a piece of tape on one end to stiffen it. Then show your child how to thread the yarn through the holes in and out until he's gone all the way around the letter or finished using the yarn.

Patricia’s background includes 25 years of teaching in the following grades: Preschool, kindergarten, first grade,third grade and sixth grade. She also taught Basic Spanish to kindergarten through fourth grade. Her family moved to Arizona from Ohio six years ago.Her oldest son's family lives 8 miles away so she gets to see her three year old granddaughter a lot to try out new ideas and books! Her youngest son, a handicapped adult, lives with her. She has devoted more time to writing these past six years and has published stories in a children’s magazine.Currently she works for Bright Hub as a writer and contributing editor in the Education Channel with a focus on lesson ideas for Preschool through middle school.

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