Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Memory Game

Memory game is a fun activity you might remember from childhood birthday parties.

1.On a tray, place a few items your child is familiar with.
2.Have you child touch and say the name of each item.
3.Place a kitchen towel over the tray, covering the items.
4.Tell your child to close his eyes or turn his head.
5.While he isn't looking, take away an item.
6.Uncover the tray.
7.Now ask your child to look again at the items and figure out which one is missing.

It's a good idea to do one item at a time. Once your child understands how to play and recalls which item is missing, try taking away two then three.

If your child is having trouble remembering, try taking an item away while he watches, allowing him to see. This sounds simple to adults, but to a child, this can still be a fun and challenging way to play.

Children love to test themselves and might even ask to switch roles with you.

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