Monday, September 13, 2010

Tree Rubbings

Learning about nature can be simple. With a crayon, paper and a tree, your child can learn about the differences in bark textures.

First, take the outer layer of paper off a crayon, or if you made a melted crayon from the post last week, use that.
Next, hold a blank piece of paper against tree bark. Finally, color on the paper. If you have a regular crayon, hold it sideways for best results.

Discuss how the bark feels and how it looks both before and after you use the paper. Does it have patterns? Is it rough? Smooth? What colors do you see? Can you see sap? What about bugs?

Now try another tree. Does is have the same bark? If not, what does the new bark look and feel like?

An easy activity can create a lot of interest in a preschooler.
Helmets aren't needed, unless your preschooler loves to bike.
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